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Friday 29th October 2021

I absolutely love brewing. There are the obvious benefits of the drinking of it, the pleasure in watching other people enjoy it, but there's also this amazing chemical reaction happening as you work your way through your carefully planned process. Watching water, grain, hops and yeast turn from basic ingredients into a unique tasting product is one of the most satisfying things I have ever underaken.

My favorite aspect of a brew day must be the aromas. From the dry milled grain, musky with promise, to the fresh smelling earthy flavours of the hops, they are a sensory explosion that give the process a proper lived experience. Everyone of my neighbours knows when I'm brewing when the boil begins, a smell that reminds one of my neighbours of growing up near the Youngs brewery in London. I think it's amazing that my hobby come fledging business takes a man back to his childhood.

Today we brew an IPA to go along with the Christmas beer brewed two weeks ago. We are back baby and I want to thank an old friend and beer lover who requested some beers for the upcoming festive season and gave me the kick up the ass to get me back on track.

Big things happening in 2022 - watch this space!


Tuesday 23rd March 2021

The Lazy Whale has been quiet for a while. Apart from a private commission, the fermenters have laid empty.
We will be back in the summer. More to follow...

Tuesday 8th December 2020

From this Friday we make 20 of our Christmas Packs available for delivery. Inside you will be guaranteed one each of the following:

  • - Hollow Inside (pumpkin spiced ale)
  • - Alevent 2020 (Christmas Brown Ale)
  • - Calico Jack (citrus IPA)
  • - Captain Kidd (west coast IPA)

As well as two other beers (either bonus Lazy Whale beers, such as the Green Hop Ale or a repeated one from above, or one or more from another brewer we just happen to have lying around).

All this for £25 delivered (still not allowed to make a profit so taking a big loss to get this out there). Use the contact form to get in touch if you’re interested.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas.


Monday 24th August 2020

As we approach the end of August and the summer break at the brewery, planning turns to the autumn. We have lots planned for the run in to the end of this disaster ridden year that is 2020 and we thought it we’d share these plans with you.

First up will be a green hop pale ale brewed using hops grown and harvested by good friend of the brewery Andy Gregory. The aim is to have this brew ready for the Green Hop Festival in Kent that takes place from 25th of September to 11th October. This brew will be given to selected folk down in Kent to showcase both the brewing skills of Lazy Whale and the horticultural skills of Mr Gregory. A limited amount of these will be available for purchase after the festival.

Next up is ‘Project Imperious Pirate Ale.’ This will be a special box of 4 India pale ales named for four notorious pirates. In the box will be:

  • - Captain Kidd: West Coast IPA (aiming for pine notes, and lots of them)
  • - Blackbeard: Black IPA (though we disagree with name [black/pale?], they can still be tasty)
  • - The Barbarossa Brothers: Double Dry Hop IPA (with a hop mix picked by a couple of seven-year-old twins)
  • - Calico Jack: East Coast Citrus IPA (fruit flavours ahoy!)

Prior to the release of the IPA four pack, we will continue with our annual Halloween special: the pumpkin beer. This year we're going darker and stronger. Dr Stein Dunkel will aim to warm the soul on the long dark nights as winter approaches. Again, available to get your hands on before the end of October.

Finally, we will turn our attention to the winter beer pack. This will be another four pack, but this time darker, stronger beers with a festive theme. Christmas time will also see us brew our first sour, hopefully ready for late spring 2021. And that should see the back of 2020 with a considerable sigh of relief.

And whilst all this is going on, our founder Jason will be finalising all the legal requirements so we can sell direct to you from the website. So, if you want to stay up to date check in regularly for news, views, and updates.

Looking forward to sending you more beer soon.

Our mission is to hand-craft unique and bespoke brews for discerning bottle shops, bars and pubs. Each brew is unique and often experimental, with an ambition to push the norms and do something different.

To meet our legal responsibilities, we are working with Warwick District Council to become a registered food producer and will be registering with HMRC for beer duty and are almost ready to be able to get our beer to you to find out for yourselves.

We will also be developing a process to deliver our beer via key keg during 2020 with an ambition to start making deliveries in the final quarter of the year.

Please contact us for prices, delivery windows, our terms and conditions of sale or to discuss a specially commissioned brew for that special event. A special launch pack of four beers is coming early 2020..

All the ingredients are fresh, and we do not use preservatives or artificial additives, so our brews are vegetarian and vegan friendly (unless otherwise stated). Whilst some of the beers in this pack were originally bottle conditioned, most future beers will be keg conditioned before canning or bottling, though some will be bottle or can conditioned.

Jason: Founder and head brewer

Jo: Founder, brewer and hygiene manager

Rocky: Digital service and beer development

Claire: Administration and beer development

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During the current pandemic we are focussing on providing beer to family, friends and some enemies to keep them going through the weeks of social distancing. Once the pubs and bars are open again, we will launch a new taster pack for retailers interested in selling our beer. We are also working on getting licenced so we can send beer directly to people who want it. If you want to get in touch, please fill in the form below.

note: We are unable to supply taster packs to everyone, so we will only be able to send to pubs/bars/people that we choose at this stage. By all means get in contact regardless of course.

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